Janice Sturtevant - presents 'Age of Champions' in Waterville, ME on May 10, 2014 @ 1:30 pm

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Athletes prepare for the 2009 National Senior Games: a 100-year old tennis player from Cape Cod, brothers from Washington, D.C., in their 80s who swim, a Texas widower who finds solace in training, and his rival, an 86-year-old champion in field events intent on the world's record in the pole vault for persons over 80. A women's basketball team from Louisiana is hair-dos and drawls off the court, but tigers on. We watch the athletes train, they talk about why they compete, family members and friends comment. One of the brothers undergoes cancer treatment. Then it's on to San Francisco to go for the gold.

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Janice Sturtevant
Telephone: (207) 873-4745

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