Parenting 102: The Sandwiched Generation Speaks Out (in production)

  • Director of Photography: Nara Garber
  • Editor: Vanessa Cochran
  • Director/Producer: Mary Katzke

Parenting 102 is the candid and compelling story of 4 baby boomers and families from ethnically varied families (Caucasian, Alaska Native, African American, Hispanic) as they face the aging and imminent demise of a parent.The filming, while faced with an urgent timeframe due to the fragility of the elderly and (likely) very ill parent, will ensure that a rich, varied story is told from the perspectives of the parent, the adult child, and the extended family as they live through the months, weeks, and days of making decisions about life and living...death and dying.

Parenting 102 will follow the primary caregivers from the time they realize their parent is unable to care for themselves without assistance, through the secondary realization that the separate life they've created - their career and family home - is at risk as a result of their parents need, then the emotional commitment to caring for their aging parent, their first steps to creating that new reality for themselves and their family, and finally letting go of the last bit of rope holding them to their former, private self.

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Target audience is: baby boomers suddenly thrust into the role of caregiving for an aging parent.

Issue: Aging


Reel Aging

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