Kings Point (2012)

  • Producer: Jedd Wider
  • Cinematographer: Toby Oppenheimer
  • Director/Producer: Sari Gilman
  • Cinematographer: Gabriel Miller
  • Cinematographer: Daniel B. Gold
  • Editor: Jeffrey Friedman
  • Co-Producer: Susannah Ludwig
  • Sound Designer: Richard Beggs
  • Producer: Todd Wider
  • Original Music: Miriam Cutler
Film Length:
40 minutes
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With Kings Point, director Sari Gilman tells the stories of five seniors living in a typical American retirement resortmen and women who came to Florida decades ago with their spouses by their sides and their health intact, and now find themselves grappling with love, loss and the universal desire for human connection. A bittersweet look at our national obsession with self-reliance, Kings Point explores the dynamic tension between living and agingbetween our desire for independence and our need for communityand underscores our powerful ambivalence toward growing old.

More than anything, this heartbreaking documentary astonishes with its languagesome of the lines are so expertly crafted that you almost have to pinch yourself to remember theyre not scripted speech. -- Chicago Tribune

"Sari Gilman intends Kings Point to prompt discussions about peoples futures as they age. Thats a tough thing to get Americans to do, but watching Kings Point shows why it matters. --The New York Times

The Film Campaign

Issue: Aging


Reel Aging


  • 2012 Cincinnati Film Festival - Best Short Documentary
  • 2012 SilverDocs Documentary Festival - Best Short Documentary

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