Bitter Seeds (2011)

  • Director: Micha X. Peled
  • Campaign Coordinator: Andy Myers
Film Length:
88 Minutes
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India has more farmers than any country in the world, and they are in a crisis that is unprecedented in human history. Every 30 minutes a farmer in India kills himself in despair. In a village at the center of the suicide epidemic, a farmer and his family struggle to keep his land and a teenage girl makes her first steps to become a journalist and tell the world about the crisis. Bitter Seeds raises questions about the human cost of genetically-modified agriculture and the future of how we grow things. This is the third film in Micha Peled's globalization trilogy, following the award-winning Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town and China Blue.

The Film Campaign

Whether you are trying to help get GMOs labeled in California or working to spread the word on the destructive global ambitions of the biotech industry, Bitter Seeds can help you in your effort!

Raising critical questions about the human and environmental costs of genetically modified agriculture,
 Bitter Seeds offers an urgently needed perspective to the debate about the future of how we
 grow things. So far, this issue has been dominated by the biotech industry: Their full-page ads and
 corporate-image campaigns claim that genetically modified agriculture is the only solution to the
 food needs of the world's rapidly growing population.

Working Films is currently helping Bitter Seeds identify and secure partnerships with nonprofits working on GMO issues. We have committed partnerships with several statewide efforts to have genetically altered food labeled, including a partnership with LabelGMOs, the California organization working to pass the first ever mandatory GMO labeling law. We have also partnered with national organizations like The Non-GMO project and The Organic Consumers Association, who are fighting the biotech industry by way of consumer education and rallying public support.

Sign up today to host a screening and be part of this robust debate sparked by Bitter Seeds and informed by our partners: leading international nonprofits and NGOs, educators and policymakers in the U.S. and abroad.

Issue: Environment

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Bring Bitter Seeds to your community and provide your audience with tools to take Action!

A screening isn't just a chance to watch a great film, its an opportunity for people to get involved and do something! Here are some examples of possible objectives:

Educate the public about genetically modified organisms on a global scale and close to home.

Inspire new activists by offering motivated viewers easy ways to get involved in national efforts. Here are some immediate actions supported by our partners that you could offer your audiences: Tell the FDA to label GMOs with the Just Label It campaign. Verify which of your favorite products are GMO free with The Non-GMO Project. And join Millions Against Monsanto for news and action updates.

Spotlight the work of your organization and generate donations and press attention. As the host organization, you will have an excellent platform to highlight your own agenda and commitment. Identify someone from your organization to introduce the screening and to facilitate
the Q&A following the screening. This conversation should include time for the audience to respond to the issues raised in the film and to learn more about local efforts that are supporting the global campaigns.

Prompt coalition building between local and state groups working on sustainable agriculture and GMO labeling. Invite your allies doing similar work to co-host the event with you. This will allow you to reach a wide audience and to build coalitions.

Event Name Date City State   Location Status
GMO Teach-In Oct 24, 2012 Tarzana CA United States Temple Judea Complete

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