Fracking Stories (2015)

  • Engagement Coordinator: Andy Myers
Film Length:
36 Minutes

Imagine if the water you gave your family made them sick. This is a real fear facing communities where fracking is currently taking place. Even when landowners say no to drilling, contamination from fracking nearby can still expose them to toxic chemicals against their will. Fracking Stories is a compilation of six short documentaries that expose the public health and environmental consequences of hydraulic fracturing, and the ways that communities are coming together to fight back.

Main Program:
  • Erie Rising follows mothers protecting their families against a health dilemma perpetrated by unregulated industrialization from the fracking boom in Colorado.
  • Dr. Theo Colborn follows a world-renowned scientist as she explains the harmful health impacts of natural gas drilling and the reasons this industry is toxic to our world.
  • Fracking Kern County, CA documents the most-fracked county in California and also one of the largest producers of food in the nation.For the people that live here, fracking means more oil extraction, more crippling climate impacts, and more impacts on their community's health.
  • Ft. Worth, Texas follows Kyev Tatum of the Harmony Missionary Baptist Church as he discusses how the arrival of the natural gas industry has divided members of his community.
  • Backyard with Aaron Milton follows Aaron Milton as he speaks out about the environmental and health impacts he witnessed during his time as an ex-oil and gas worker in Colorado.
  • Dryden - The Small Town That Changed the Fracking Game follows the true story of a group of neighbors who discovered strength in unity and turned the tables on the powerful oil and gas industry.

Extra Clip

  • The Decision illustrates one man's journey when faced with the decision of whether or not to lease his property for the natural gasextraction process known as fracking.

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