Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


What is this site?

Screening Headquarters (ScreeningHQ) is a site created by Working Films to build a strong community that connects impassioned people to high quality documentaries and cutting edge organizations and brands whose common purpose is to advance social and environmental justice. We offer a selection of films on multiple issues for organizations, grassroots groups, activists and anyone else to organize screenings in their homes or communities.

How do I create a profile?

We've made it super easy for you to participate in ScreeningHQ. Click on login and use your Facebook account to log in. Don't have one? You can create a profile from scratch by joining in.

Is it free to sign up?

Yes. Anyone can create a profile and use ScreeningHQ free of charge. If you are a social issue documentary filmmaker who wishes to use ScreeningHQ tools for your film, please find out how you can sign up your film.


How do I host a screening?

After you've created your profile you can browse our collection of films based on your area of interests. Once you've found the right film for your event, click the host a screening button where you'll be walked through the steps to organize a screening.

How do I find a screening in my area?

You can search for screenings by going to our Screenings section. From here you can search by area or film.

What if nothing is showing up in my area?

Be the first to organize a screening. Its fun and easy to do! Check out our Screening Guide to find out how to get started and move through the whole planning process. Once you set a date and location, be sure to list your event on ScreeningHQ so that others can find your screening.

I've never hosted an event like this before. How do I go about this?

If this is uncharted territory, you can use our Screening Guide and tools that appear in your dashboard once you sign up to host a screening help you through each step.

Where can I host a screening?

You can host a screening almost anywhere, as long as you have permission and access to equipment. It also depends on how big of an event you want to have. For smaller, intimate screenings you can show a film right in your living room, a church, community center or town hall. For bigger events, you can consider using local independent theaters, art houses, museums, schools, the list goes on. Its all about how creative you want to be. Keep in mind that some locations will require a rental fee.

Can I have the filmmaker or film subjects attend my screening?

We suggest that you contact the filmmaker directly through their website.


What is the difference between buying a DVD and a public screening license?

Depending on what venue you use, you may need to secure screening rights. Here is a basic outline of permissions:

House parties are a nice way to bring friends, family, and neighbors together. Most house party options allow you to purchase a home use DVD, watch the film on TV, or rent it from Netflix.

Community screenings in a library, church, community center, or other public space offer an opportunity to reach a larger public and create opportunities to build a base of support. Most often, community screenings require a public licensed DVD that we link to on the film page. DVDs bought on Amazon, or rented from Netfilx do NOT cover this kind of screening. Campus screenings fall into this category only when hosted by a student activist or community group.

Educational Screenings take place in classrooms, auditoriums, and other spaces in schools and on college and university campuses. Libraries or academic departments typically purchase and secure the rights for educational licensed DVDs.

An Institutional Screening refers to a showing among professionals within commercial enterprise, such as lawyers within a firm or healthcare professionals within a hospital.

Why does it cost money to host a screening?

It costs money to make a film, especially a good one. And we believe that filmmakers should be paid for their profession, just as we believe activists should.

What if I can't afford to host a screening?

Oftentimes filmmakers will fundraise in order to offer a special discount to grassroots groups and other organizations that have limited funds. You may see these discounts when you compare the educational version to the activist version. If you still are not able to afford the screening license, you may contact the film's distributor.

Can I screen a film at a film festival?

Festival screenings require a different type of permission. We suggest that you contact the film's distributor.

My screening is next week and I haven't received my order.

Please contact the distributor where you purchased the DVD directly and immediately. If you have your purchase confirmation from ScreeningHQ, please forward it to with your screening details and someone will get back to you as long as it is a weekday.

Can I order a preview DVD?

We hope that the film's trailer, description, and other information that we provide will help you choose the right film for your work. Please also note if there are other organizations like yours screening the film to help you decide if it's a good match. We do understand that you need to watch the film before you screen it, which is why we suggest you buy the DVD with the appropriate screening license at least 2 months before your event. This way you can pass it around to the key people on your team, and the people participating in a panel afterwards.

Your other option is to purchase the film's home DVD for preview, though you will still need to buy the public screening license for your event.

Can I use the same DVD for multiple screenings?

When you purchase your screening license / DVD it will give you terms that are typically for one screening only. Please read the description for the DVD to find out the specific details on the accompanying public screening rights.

Why are there so many different places that I can buy the DVD, and why are the prices so different?

We've made ScreeningHQ flexible for filmmakers so they aren't bound to our pricing and rules for selling their DVD. This is because our first priority is to support the business of social change. With flexibility comes a tapestry of places to buy the DVD depending on what kind of permission you need. Please choose the DVD and license that best describes your event and organization and we'll do our best to provide you with all the resources to support you in hosting a successful screening.

Can I return the DVD?

Once you've made a purchase from ScreeningHQ, we do not accept returns. We will, however, replace any item that is damaged. In order to get a replacement, please contact

How do I get a refund?

ScreeningHQ does not provide refunds except through extenuating circumstances. If you purchased your DVD through here, please read our terms.


How can I put my film on ScreeningHQ?

Working Films feels that its crucial to link audiences with timely and high quality films and we invite any social issue documentary filmmakers to sign up.

How can ScreeningHQ help my film to make an impact?

Think of ScreeningHQ as a dynamic way to cultivate and interact with a growing audience for your film. ScreeningHQ will build attention and interest in your movie among members of our growing community. It will also give you the means for tapping into their creativity, energy and social networks. In the end, an audience armed with information about your film project and commitment to it's success will serve as an outreach engine for your project.

These tools will also help you organize your screenings and streamline the process of hosting a screening and getting the resources to your fans.

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