There is no such thing as a cinematic silver bullet. It takes more than one good film in the hands of on-the-ground organizers to catalyze long-term change.

Since 2009, through the Reel Engagement initiative, Working Films has brought together collections of award-winning independent documentary films and media to offer a comprehensive view of major issues of our time: Climate Change (Reel Power), Education (Reel Education), the Economy (Reel Economy), and a growing Aging population (Reel Aging). Together with our allies, we are using these powerful films and media projects to reach critical audiences, advance solutions and achieve positive impact.

We are also partnering with select distributors such as New Day Films to bring you special collections of high-quality independent documentary films.

Browse below and bring films to your community!

New Day Films

New Day Films is a filmmaker-run distribution company that has been providing award-winning films to community groups and educators for over 40 years. The New Day Collection has garnered an Academy Award, nine Academy Award nominations, four...

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Reel Aging

Reel Aging: Films for the Generations is an initiative that ties compelling documentary film and media to ongoing policy and community based efforts advancing the rights and well being of a...

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Reel Economy

Reel Economy is a collection of powerful films that offer unique and comprehensive perspectives on the challenges and opportunities within the U.S. and global economic systems.

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Reel Education

The American education system is multifaceted, but unfortunately oversimplified statements of the problems in our schools and one-size-fits-all solutions often take the media spotlight. Rarely do we hear of success stories from public...

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Reel Power

Reel Power is a collaborative of award winning documentary filmmakers, individual leaders and organizations working to address climate change and the long-term impact of destructive resource extraction. Through targeted and public screening...

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